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All-Club Tech Day

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South Coasters,

We are happy to announce an All-Club Tech Day on March 25th.  One of our members has graciously offered the use of his shop and commercial compound located in Santa Ana for a club tech day.  The site has one motorcycle lift and space for several bikes inside as well as a gated compound where more bikes can be serviced.  In all, we can accommodate 20 motorcycles.  Additionally, there is parking for six cars for those who want to come but aren’t riding or who are transporting tools or parts for others.

Vision.  Maybe you’ve never wrenched on your expensive, sophisticated BMW before.  Maybe you’re a bit intimidated.  Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as having that skillset; or never even wanted that skillset.  Whatever your background, this is an opportunity to jump in if you’re interested in learning.  Believe me, I never did my own maintenance until I joined the South Coasters and gained the confidence to do it!

For this first event (there will be others in the future) we want to focus on routine/annual maintenance: oil change, final drive, air filter, spark plugs, etc.  Throughout the day, there will be hands-on demonstrations where members can watch the maintenance actually being done, take pictures or video, followed by going and doing the work on your own rides.  Some members will prefer to watch, take notes, and then go home and work on their bikes.  That’s ok.  While work is being done, the ‘experts’ will be available to advise and assist.

Logistics.  You must bring your own tools, oil, and parts, including O-rings, crush washers, rags, gloves, etc.  Although you may be able to borrow a tool from another member, there are none available from our host.  Besides, if you are planning to work on your ride, this is the time to acquire the tools you’ll need on an ongoing basis.  Here are a few lists where you can find routine maintenance parts and tools.

Irv Seavers Parts,

Bob’s BMW, Maintenance,

Touratech Tool Kits,

Sign Ups.  In order to manage space and get an idea of who’s coming, we’re asking you to sign up in two categories: those who want to work on their motorcycles, and those who will be there just to watch and learn.  We’re also looking for a few people willing to let their bike be used as a demo.

If you have questions, reply to this forum.  Let’s start the discussion.

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