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Anza Borrego Camping Weekend


January 13th-15th, 2023

Death Valley Airhead Ride


March 9th-12th, 2023

Got a BMW bike? Love going on rides? Funny...So do we!

Join today and meet a group of fine BMW riders who love nothing more than going on rides and meeting other riders who do the same.

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Current Mileage Contest Leaderboard (as of 11/23/2022)

1. Carl T.

2. Harry H.

3.Eric W.

4. Pete R.

5. Gilbert G.

Meet the newest South Coaster

Travers Bell

Travers Bell

Newest South Coaster


What was the first Motorcycle you rode/owned?

” A 50cc dirt bike, first street bike I owned wasn’t till years later, a Triumph 1050 Sprint.”


How many years of riding experience do you have?

“2 years in my early youth, then licensed about 11.”


Does your significant other ride with you?

   “Yes, but she hasn’t in a while. Not since we had our youngest child.”


How many motorcycles have you owned?

   “1Triumph, 3 Victory’s, and my Current BMW R1250GS”


How many cumulative miles have you amassed on motorcycles?

   “About 70+ thousand.”


What has been your favorite Motorcycle to own/ride?

   “My 1250GS and the K1600 BMW’s.”


What Motorcycle brand/model are you currently riding?



What is the most miles you have ridden in a 24 hour time period?

    “About 650 miles.”


Do you have a favorite route/trip that you have taken?  If so, what is the route?

    “My most recent trip up the 395 to Lake Shasta, Northern California.”


What “motorcycle courses” have you taken in the past 5 years?

    “A few basic motorcycle safety classes. But I would like to take more.”


What are your expectations from the club as a new club member?

    “Make friends, plan rides, enjoy motorcycling with likeminded people.”




Eric W.

Eric W.


Welcome to the 2022-2023 riding season!  The Board has been creatively working, doing the detailed planning for both day and weekend rides for the first quarter. They have great stuff lined up! We hope you find information more accessible and most importantly, that you sign up, come out and join your fellow South Coasters.









Welcome to the official web site of the South Coast BMW Riders Club. We were founded in 1974 and became a MOA chartered club (#59) on January 1, 1976. Additionally, we are an AMA  chartered club (#2326).

We live and ride in motorcycle heaven more commonly referred to as Southern California where there are in excess of 350 beautiful riding days in any given year.

News and event updates are posted periodically and regularely on social media and on our forum. Please join us on Facebook, Instagram and become a paid member to start being involved in the most popular club activity: riding.