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Thomas Watson

    Did a drive-through around noon. As expected, Santiago Canyon Road is no problem at all – drainage is very good and no standing debris. There are several nasty fissures/potholes, particularly over about 1/2 mile before and past Jamboree. A couple of these are rim-killers.

    Live Oak Canyon Road is mostly OK. The uphill portion from Cook’s Corner is remarkably clear as the sandbags seem to have worked perfectly. Down the hill and through the forested area, there are about a half-dozen spots where small rocks/gravel/sand washed into or completely across the road, mostly on or very near curves.

    The turn-off to Rose Canyon is heavily washed with sand, compounded by vehicles turning in from the opposite direction across a dirt shoulder and bringing more debris along. The road to the cantina is a mix of OK-to-sketchy asphalt, and most of the parking area is dirt/crushed rock, with some loose stuff on the adjacent pavement. There is parking space along a short stretch of the road just as you get to the cantina, but who knows how much will be free when we arrive.

    If I had a GS with dual-sport tires none of this would bother me. Some of it may disperse with normal vehicle traffic later today. In any case I plan to attend the meeting and breakfast, with the only question being on the RT or in the car.