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Ron Zablocki

    Hello South Coasters, the routes for the Porterville Weekend have been finalized!  Unfortunately, my original route to take on the Mighty 190 will have to be postponed to next year due to the weather damage many parts of CA have been hit with. But this will make for another awesome club ride around this time next year.  Not to worry, my alternate route will take us into Kings Canyon and other parts for some great twisties!

    Friday, Day 1:
    We will meet at Panera Bread and have the ride meeting at 9am, with KSU at 9:30am. Please arrive with a full tank of gas! If you want coffee or such, arrive a bit earlier to not interfere with the ride meeting.
    We will be having lunch at the Keene Cafe and should be arriving there around 11:15am.
    Our route to the Motel 6 in Porterville will take us on some roads less travelled.  These are paved roads, but some are not likely to be in the best of shape.
    We should arrive at the Motel 6 Porterville at approximately 4:50pm.
    For Friday evening folks are on their own for dinner, or we can arrange to go somewhere as a group for those who want to.

    Saturday, Day 2:
    We will have brief ride meeting at 845am and KSU will be at 9am.  Again, please have a full tanks of gas before the ride meeting.  We will be heading up into Kings Canyon park, so make sure to have your military ID, park pass or money to pay to enter the park. We will wait after just after entering the park for everyone to get through, then we’ll continue on.
    We will have lunch at the Grant Grove Market, and we should be arriving there around 11:15am.
    After lunch we’ll head down and take Generals Hwy south into Three Rivers where we’ll stop for gas at the Chevron, and then make an additional ice cream stop.
    We’ll then take Yokohl Dr eastbound and come down along the souther end of Lake Success before coming back to the motel, which should be close to 5pm.
    I’ve arranged a group reservation at the La cocina de Dona Maggie Mexican Restaurant across the street from the motel for 6-6:30pm.

    Sunday, Day 3:
    Folks are free to leave for home whenever they wish.  There is no scheduled route back, though riders can arrange a group ride back home if they wish.


    Route Files:
    For Friday Day 1 and Saturday Day 2, I’ve attached PDFs giving an overview of the route including a map. I’ve also included screen shots of the routes with the approximate temps we’ll encounter along the routes.  GPX files are also attached.
    Please let me know if you have any questions, this is going to be a great fun weekend!