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Dan Burtt

    Eric I have the Sena Spider used with  Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet. I have upgraded the helmet speakers with the SENA upgrade. About $50.

    I have it blue toothed to the Garmin NAV VI GPS for GPS. I have loaded all my music to the Garmin and it plays through the Sena and the music and sounds really well.   The Garmin routing instructions also come through loud and clear.

    I have not been able to get the Sena to connect to the bike TFT, iPhone and Garmin all concurrently.  I have tried several procedures but just have not been able get it to work.  There seems to be issues with the BMW TFT communication and the pairing all four items.

    I have the iPhone paired with the Garmin.   the Garmin interfaces with the iPhone and calls can be made and received and are displayed on the GPS. However, the sound of the calls do not come through to the Sena. I have not figured out how to make this work and really have just lost patience trying all the You Tube and Forum procedures.

    Working with the unit on the Helmet and using the wheel and pushing the small buttons is just tedious.  I rarely have a need to make a phone call while riding so it has not been a real deterrent for me.  I have never tried the MESH communications with other Sena users. Riders tell me it works great, but I have not tried it. Again the small buttons with gloves on  probably just takes more ‘training” than I have been will to do.

    I understand the the pairing interface issues do not exist with Android phones.