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Harry Hoffman
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    Recently, Sergio C., posted this on another thread on the club’s site. I wanted to repost it here to add its’ value and great opportunity! Hope more of us can join Sergio that weekend and make it a great day!

    “Hello Everyone,
    Walt Fulton’s cornering workshop is ramping up classes again for the fall. I registered for the October 23rd training where they have a wide open class with 39 available slots.
    Using group discount code “GRP20” you can get 20% off the rate of $390 and bring the cost own to $312.
    It gets even better though as BMWMOA members get to access the Paul B. Memorial scholarship which provides a $250 subsidie towards the cost. So, for a net cost of $62 you get a full day of training by a former professional road racer.”
    Class information

    Front Page

    Scholarship information