We wanted to thank you all for being a big part of the changes that has come to the club. Abundance of fun rides are on the calendar, the website has changed a lot and the newsletter is filled with fun articles and that is all because of you. You the ride leader, you the mileage counter, you the engine tinkerer, and you the photo taker. Without your contributions we’d have a shiny cover and a bunch of headshots. We genuinly appreciate all your inputs and contributions.

Now that we got the nice part out of the way, and to keep in line with changing outdated methods to modern ones and to help decrease our workload, Harry and I have come up with three simple requests (rules):

1. All contents are to be in our posession by the 25th of each month.


Content is :

  • member questionnaire

  • ride writeups, photos

  • tech articles

  • something you’d like to do

  • something you’ve done and like to tell the club about it.

All of it. By the 25th of the month or it goes to the next month’s publication.

2. File formats: All text content need to be in Word or PDF format.

3. All contents are to be uploaded to the dedicated Google Drive folder:

No emails, no snail mail, no carrier pigeons or smoke signals. If you can attach a file to an email, you can drop a file into a folder and that makes laying out the newsletter at the end of the month so much easier when don’t have to go fish through emails for something you sent three weeks ago.

Nobody likes “change” but sometimes a little inconvenience is necessary for a greater good. We truly appreciate your submissions and looking forward to all the new content on the next newsletter.