Welcome to the official web site of the South Coast BMW Riders Club. We are a MOA Chartered club (#59)  founded on January 1, 1976. Additionally, we are an AMA chartered club (#2326).

We live and ride in motorcycle heaven more commonly referred to as Southern California where there are in excess of 350 beautiful riding days in any given year.

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Rock Inn Ride

John Crittendon led a great ride on a perfect day (OK, maybe a little chilly in parts) to the Rock Inn Saturday. Great turnout with over 20 members there. Yes, they saw some snow on the way back but the road was ice-free. One of our more memorable rides!

Got some pictures? Add them here: Rock Inn Topic

Let’s get ready to go Live!

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This is a temporary website still under construction. After Feb 6th, this site will appear at www.scbmwrc.com.

On July 1, 2016 when annual memberships are due, members will renew online. You will receive an email with instructions how to renew at that time.

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